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Sarah Strizak as scarecrow with ceramic ghost

Sarah Strizak

Member since 2024​

Ceramics has always been a part of my life from a young age whether or not I was aware of it.  As a child, I went on vacation with my parents to their favorite ceramics studio in Maine. In college, I took a course to raise my GPA and fell in love with the whole process of it. I even changed my entire career path to be fully immersed in the industry. 



There's a unique magic in ceramics.  A lump of clay can transform into a thousand possibilities.  I'm particularly drawn to vibrant colors.  Seeing the smiles bloom on people's faces when they hold them is the ultimate reward.



This journey isn't without its challenges.  Mastering the art of throwing a perfectly balanced vessel took countless tries and a mountain of misshapen clay rejects.  But with every wobbly pot and lopsided mug, I learned something new.  The pursuit of perfection may be elusive, but the constant push to improve fuels my passion.


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