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An estimated $8000 was raised in 2020 for A Tiny Home for Good.  

The fundraiser was held as a Facebook event due to the pandemic.

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Cups for a Cause

The magic number for 2019 was 


100% of proceeds from CFAC

went to A Tiny Home for Good.

THG is an organization in Syracuse that provides small homes and support for the homeless, with veterans often as beneficiaries.


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Each year, the Independent Potters' Association selects a charitable concern within the Central New York community and organizes a fundraiser known as "Cups for a Cause." This is a festive event when the price of admission guarantees the participants a wonderful spread of food, as well as beverages and live music. On display throughout the party is the work of individual potters, most of whom are members of the IPA, who have contributed unique handmade drinking vessels (a.k.a. cups and mugs) to sell for an additional donation.


The IPA enjoys the generous support of other individuals and organizations to make this a successful event. Because all food, beverages, ceramics, man and woman power as well as the use of the venue are donated, 100% of the admission fees and sales are given to the chosen charity.


 Cups for a Cause


raised $7750 for

A Tiny Home for Good, an organization that builds small houses for the homeless.

 Cups for a Cause


raised $7400 for

Francis House, 

an end of life care facility.

 Cups for a Cause


raised $7000 for

Francis House,

an end-of-life care facility.

Cups for a Cause


raised $5105 for

Upstate Cancer Center's Men-to-Men Cancer Support Group