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Sara Koblentz

Member since 2023​

Sara Koblentz shaping bowl

Pottery has been a part of my life for 50 years. At the age of 11, in the art bunk of a sleep away camp, I had the brief opportunity of watching someone demonstrating for the counselors the potter’s wheel. I was hooked. I was going to learn how.


15 years later, I was working with high fire cone 10 stoneware clay, using a gas kiln making functional pottery. My clay world and love for clay has only grown over the years. From high fire stoneware/porcelain, low fire white ware, and terracotta to the present with cone 5/6 mid range clay and porcelain, I have explored the possibilities through function and more sculptural forms. There is always something new to learn. Clay has been my anchor on a journey through the highs and lows of my life. For me “A pot just thrown is Alive!”


Currently my work in clay is mostly with cone 6 porcelain fired in an electric kiln although I sometimes have access to the color warmth of a high fired wood kiln. My recent work is carved, sprigged, and most recently includes a modified Mishima technique with underglazes. My images of ginkgo leaves are meant to symbolize longevity and the very long life of my amazing mother.

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