March 8, 2020

Four members of the Independent Potters' Association demonstrated some of their signature techniques to a sold out crowd.  


4 pack workshop.jpg
David MacDonald

Fun Fact:  Courtney and Tim were both students of David MacDonald's back in the day!

Many thanks to Clayscapes Pottery, Inc for hosting this workshop and providing the amazing lunch!

Lunch at Clayscapes

In addition, the IPA cosponsors a workshop each year at Clayscapes Pottery Inc.

Brooke Millecchia  June 15, 2019

Sponsored by the IPA

In 2018, Tim Kowalczyk explained his process for creating cardboard trompe l'oeil during the time of his show at The Gallery at Clayscapes.

In 2017 Colleen McCall spoke about her process during the time of her gallery show at Clayscapes.

In 2016 Jeremy Randall presented during the time of his show in The Gallery at Clayscapes.



 "I make stuff out of stuff that looks like other stuff."